Crystal Starter Kit

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Crystal Starter Kit- If you buy a kit it will lock in a higher commission. Commission will go from 25% to 35% all time


  • Stress Relief Gifts for Women and Men - Are you looking for a special and meaningful gift for yourself or your lovers? This healing stones and crystals set is the perfect gift fr both starters and experienced collectors. Great for alternative medicine, massage, yoga, reiki supplies, spiritual things practices, chakra balancing, positive energy, meditation accessories, sound sleep, pocket worry stone, harmonizing your special place or home decor.
  • Classic 7 Chakra Stones Set - We have professionally selected the best and the most classic combination of the most essential raw crystals rock collection perfect for 7 chakras: Clear Quartz Crystal for crown chakra, Amethyst Stone for third eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli for throat chakra, Green Aventurine for heart chakra, Tiger Eye Stone for solar plexus chakra, Carnelian Crystal for Sacral chakra, Red Jasper for root chakra. And 1 Amythestyst Crystals Cluster for reiki energy guiding.
  • Witch Kit Crystals for Beginners - Gemstones and crystals tower are often powered as witchy stuff. What's more we have: Mixed stone pendulum for accessing intuition. Lava stone Bracelet can enhence meditation, reiki energy healing. Wishing bottle necklace of mixed color assorted crystals chips. Moon tray plate for energy storing and room Fengshui decoration.
  • Authentic Natural Crystals Set - All gemstones are 100% natural and pure, so they may contain natural pits, cracks or inclusions. The randomness of color, texture, cleanliness are in the certainty, what we can promise here is that all of our roughstones are imported from Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, India, and other prestigious places of orgin all around the world at the best price for long term.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - We value the 100% satisfaction of every customers of our store. This is the core idea of a family owned buisness for 30+ years by SANSWL. Please place the order without any worry and contact us for any issues during the deal